Heart Home Solutions

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    How We Work

    We generate sales for you from your dead lead database
    We generate sales for you from your customer database
    We deliver you sales from partner databases


    Frank Bradicich

    Known as an inside sales and turnaround specialist, Frank has worked with numerous businesses to create a world class customer experience resulting in explosive growth and exponential revenue. Companies include: Macquarie Group, Anittel Limited, t3 Telecom and 5star Telecom.

    Alex Georgiou

    Director of Sales & Marketing
    A home energy sales specialist, Alex has experience in energy modeling, energy efficiency, HVAC, Solar Hot Water, and Solar PV. He has built sales teams that deliver world-class customer satisfaction, explosive growth, and industry leading conversion rates globally. Companies include Recurve, Sungevity Solar, and Sungevity Australia.

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